I have my home, truck, and boat insurance all through Pavese-McCormick. Everyone there is always at the ready to help. They always have a quick and thorough answer when you have a question. Aces all the way!

– Carol A.


I have been dealing with Pavese-McCormick Agency, Inc. for 48 years and they have handled all of my insurance requirements. They have always been a pleasure to deal with and proper words just cannot describe what dedication and great follow up they have displayed. Whenever a problem or insurance question came up their attention has been great. A recent incident once again proves what I have reflected.

Unfortunately, I recently had an accident and when I started dealing with my current automobile insurance company. There was nothing but complete aggravation. First, let me state that I have an insurance policy with the top coverage (100M, etc). When I was just at the bottom of my patience, I decided to go to Michael McCormick, President and was that the right thing. Mike could have easily just turned me over to one of his employees but he immediately began to solve my problem. This is a sign of true leadership. My claim was being delayed because there was a problem between my body shop (which I have dealt with for many years as they are quite reliable) and the insurance company. After Mike personally calling both the body shop and the Insurance Company, the problem was resolved very quickly to my satisfaction and the body shop was able to start working on my car. Once again I am grateful to Mike who was so concerned about my stressful situation and truly once again delivered the customer service that anyone should expect from their insurance agent.

Finally I would be remiss if I do not mentioned Christine Longhi-Drake, Claims Manager who working with Mike followed up daily with calls and emails to insure that progress for the final car repair was on target. I know Mike’s staff are all most efficient but Christine was a huge help during this situation. She is truly what every President looks for in his team.

– G. Rosenthal

I deal with Pavese-McCormick on a daily basis in regards to the company I work for. They are always very helpful , professional and respond in a timely manner every single time. I give them 5 STARS !!

– Noella P.


Thank You Mike and Ray. You have been doing an amazing job throughout this disaster.

– C. Sherwood
New Brunswick, NJ


WOW, what a difference from our old agency! Awesome customer service. Thanks to everybody who pitched in during the crisis!

– J. Canning
Ideal Tile, Lawrenceville, NJ


Pavese-McCormick agency has done a remarkable job under such extreme circumstances. You have tried through phone, internet, etc. to let all your clients-those affected deeply and those whose prayers are with are with the affected people know how to reach you. It is very heartening to see that the people in the agency are most cordial and professional when they too have been working under stress and duress. Thank you, especially to your staff, who answered my questions quickly and very professionally.

– C. James
Southampton, NJ