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Our Team


Commercial Lines
Rich Kreyl
Commercial Lines Account Manger

Phone: 732-960-2023
Fax: 732-875-1292
Dale Lefevre Dale Lefevre
Director of Operations

Phone: 732-960-2039
Fax: 732-875-1276
John E. Nordstrom, CIC, CRM, CRIS
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone: 732-960-2027
Fax: 732-875-1281
Elie Quinones
Commercial Lines Assistant

Phone: 732-960-2013
Fax: 732-875-1278
Johnny Reynoso
Executive VP Commercial Insurance

Phone: 732-960-2033
Fax: 732-875-1294
Donna Stillwell
Commercial Lines Marketing / Underwriting Manager

Phone: 732-960-2047
Fax: 732-875-0491
Alexandra Thierry, CISR
Commercial Lines Assistant

Phone: 732-960-2043
Fax: 732-875-1296
Personal Lines
Teresa Necki
Personal Risk Analyst

Phone: 732-960-2017
Fax: 732-875-1282
Christine Longhi-Drake
Claims Manager

Phone: 732-960-2025
Fax: 732-875-1273
Jodi Lerner
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 732-960-2047
Fax: 732-875-1298
Photo of Ron Ron McIntosh
Phone: 732-960-2029
Fax: 732-875-1283
Michael McCormick

Phone: 732-960-2001
Fax: 732-875-1286
Raymond Pavese
Vice President

Phone: 732-960-2003
Fax: 732-875-1083

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