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Customer Testimonials

“Thank You Mike and Ray. You have been doing an amazing job throughout this disaster.”
-C. Sherwood, New Brunswick, NJ

“WOW, what a difference from our old agency! Awesome customer service. Thanks to everybody who pitched in during the crisis!”
-J. Canning of Ideal Tile, Lawrenceville, NJ

Pavese-McCormick agency has done a remarkable job under such extreme circumstances. You have tried through phone, internet, etc. to let all your clients-those affected deeply and those whose prayers are with are with the affected people know how to reach you. It is very heartening to see that the people in the agency are most cordial and professional when they too have been working under stress and duress. Thank you, especially to your staff, who answered my questions quickly and very professionally.
-C. James, Southampton, NJ

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